Facebook launches faster, cleaner Messenger app for iOS devices

Facebook launches faster, cleaner Messenger app for iOS devices
It will probably take a lot of time for Facebook to integrate all its services into a single app, and we don't even know if it will eventually succeed. But every major endeavor starts with a small step, and today Facebook made one.

The social network giant has just announced it has launched a brand-new Messenger app for iOS devices, which is cleaner, smaller and faster. The new Messenger for iOS is just 1/4 the size of the previous app and contains just 360,000 lines of code, down from 1.7 million.

Because of that, the app will load twice as fast and will consume a lot less resources while it's running. Another important aspect is that Messenger for iOS is now simpler than ever. Facebook reduced the contact list from 40 versions to just one.

Although the app has been rebuilt from ground up, some features might be temporarily unavailable, but Facebook promised to bring them back as soon as possible, so if you notice that something is missing, then you'll have to wait for developers to add it.

Facebook has already started the rollout of the new Messenger for iOS, but it will take a few weeks for the app to appear for everyone, so give it time if you don't see it in the App Store yet.
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