FLO TV to expand service to 39 new markets, extend reach by 60 million potential customers

FLO TV to expand service to 39 new markets, extend reach by 60 million potential customers
Qualcomm's FLO TV announced that it is expanding service to 39 new markets, bringing its service to a potential 60 miliion new customers in 100 major markets. The expansion will begin on June 12th with the DTV transition which will open up broadband spectrum for FLO's network. On that day, 15 markets will open up immediately including Boston, Miami, Houston and San Fransisco. Service will expand in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago. Throughout the year, more cities will be getting service. "The DTV transition is a milestone for TV lovers everywhere; with the completion of FLO TV's nationwide network, consumers across the country now have the ability to watch TV on the go with the same high quality they'd expect in their living rooms," said Bill Stone, president of FLO TV.

Besides being able to access the network on cellphones, earlier this year the company reached an agreement with Audiovox to allow passengers in cars to watch FLO TV on video viewing equipment in the automobile. Passengers will be able to view the video on drop down screens or on screens embedded in armrests.

FLO TV sends video over the company's own mobile network including real time, shifted-time and simulcast programming from top networks like CBS, ESPN, FOX, MTV and NBC. The service is currently available on certain models of cellphones offered by Verizon and AT&T. The number of people watching television over their phone is growing as Nielsen reported a 52% increase in mobile viewers in the first quarter of this year over the same period last year.

source: FLO TV via EngadgetMobile



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