FINALLY: Verizon enables customers to completely “opt out” of super-cookie tracking program

FINALLY: Verizon enables customers to completely “opt out” of super-cookie tracking program
Verizon has been under some pressure lately as details about the carrier’s use of undetectable, and undeletable tracking cookies that are embedded in a subscriber’s mobile data usage.

The information that is mined is anonymized and collated for purposes of delivering focused and relevant marketing to customers. Those that were proactive participants in Verizon’s rewards program, called Verizon Selects, got some incentives to participate.

However, for those that did not want to be part of the program, they could opt out Verizon Selects, but Verizon did not do anything to remove those unique tracking identifiers from the customers’ accounts because the carrier still gathered data for its Relevant Mobile Advertising (RMA) program. The tracking IDs are called “super cookies” because they cannot removed. AT&T experimented with a similar program and closed it down late last year.

Verizon continued with its program even as it was revealed that a third party marketing company revealed it was able to piggy back on the UIDH (Unique Identifying Header). Big Red since beefed up security and announced that it would soon offer a way for customers to opt-out of the program altogether.

Customers can finally do just that as Verizon has announced its systems have been configured to stop inserting the super-cookie upon request. Customers can sign in to My Verizon (see source link below) or call 866-211-0874.

Privacy advocates believe Verizon’s actions are a step in the right direction, but feel at a minimum, such programs should be an “opt-in” selection, not the other way around.

source: FierceWireless, My Verizon Log-in

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