FCC reveals Motorola Vegas VE20 for Sprint

FCC reveals Motorola Vegas VE20 for Sprint
FCC has always been a valuable source for information on new, often yet unannounced, phones. Today, it digs up the first details on the VE20, Motorola’s new attempt to capture Sprint’s customers’ attention. It looks as yet another budget phone, in clamshell form-factor and the typical for Moto design language. This one looks as the child of a RAZR and a KRZR. The pictures reveal it to be made out of dull plastic (not glossy as in K1m) but with brushed aluminum back (similar to V3m).

The manual doesn’t mention much on the specs of this EV-DO phone, but we can see a microSD slot and a 2-megapixel camera with no flash. Below the screen, there should be touch sensitive keys, which we guess are going to be the typical rewind, play/pause and fast forward.

The Bluetooth site mentions the VE20 as the Motorola Vegas for Sprint and as the Vegas Row, probably for the rest of the CDMA carriers.

source: FCC



1. SprintRep unregistered

I must say Sprint is finally getting really good phones, and for once in my life, i dont have to lie! lol, this look slike a really well designed moto,

2. Sprint Sucks unregistered

if you like basic, do-nothing phones.

3. unregistered

Well designed for 2004 maybe.... KRZR clones are still KRZR clones, they just made everything Rounder in the design and didn't call it some 4 letter monogram.

4. CBrown unregistered

Don't know why, but I like it. It looks like an updated RAZR. viva la Moto!

12. unregistered

Ya the back, looks so well designed, looks great!

13. unregistered

sprint has always had good phones and we r first in technology always. the instinct rips the i-phone apart. just wait till the new touch and mogul phone comes out they r going to put a lot of carriers to shame.

5. SprintREp unregistered

Me too, I dont get why everyone has to jump on it if it doesnt have a touch screen, or wi-fi, or a 5 mp camera on it, or a pop out qwerty keyboard, seriously your guys standards are way too high, keep in mind a cell phone is a cell phone. Not a little mini computer.

7. unregistered

bro do you know what PDA's are? Little mini computers

9. C-Chickie unregistered

But this 'phone' isn't considered a PDA. Its a basic handset which honestly will not stand too strong in a market where phones with capabilities far surpassing it are top dog. SprintREp: You as someone who is emerged into the cell phone culture should know that if a phone doesn't have features that were once rare and are now common, it wont last right? If a company is producing phones that were 'last season' they are not going to stand out or are they going to be appreciated for creating a 'new' product. Our standards as consumers are not 'too high' they are expected with a new generation of cell phones are arriving everything that doesn't stand up to them eventually will get ignored. Customers want the latest, greatest phone, not a new look to something they could have owned years ago. You SHOULD know this. You see the demands customers have. They are not too high if companies have the ability to create these things. C-Chickie- Your friendly/lovely Alltel Rep. Give your customers what they want and don't complain. If they just accepted what was created then upgrades and the cell phone competition would not exist and so would you job to an extent.

10. unregistered

Actually, if it's priced right, it will do just fine. Similarly featured phones are among the top sellers right now. And you know, there is a huge segment of the marketplace that doesn't need the latest and greatest. Samsung, LG, Sanyo and Moto always have a mid-level phone or three on their line-up. Not everyone wants or needs a PDA or a super multi-media device. Now, I personally wouldn't buy ANYTHING from Moto, but that's for an entirely different post. This phone will probably be offered by all of the major CDMA carriers and if it's priced at $59.99 like it should be, it will sell solidly.

6. jrcrow unregistered

You're lucky if they are still in business in the next 12 months or less!

8. unregistered

perhaps this too will require an activation of a $70 a month simply everything plan.

11. unregistered

This site's posters remind me of the post on BGR, all hating on Sprint. I know some of it is deserved because of bad treatment by cs but I think the majority is harping from stuff that isn't the same as the issues from years past or people that never had the service. I am a fan of the co. and have had stuff go wrong but that can happen anywhere, at anytime and with any carrier. Some of it is jealousy but for the opt part it's hate for no reason

14. C-Chickie unregistered

Had the company and hated it... Sorry, not everyone here is jealous or has no reason.

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