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FCC demands further testing of LightSquared LTE network to prevent GPS interference

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FCC demands further testing of LightSquared LTE network to prevent GPS interference
Until recently, few people were familiar with LightSquared and the services that it provides, most probably because the company works with other businesses only and does not market its services to retail customers. However, LightSquared made headlines not long ago once it struck a deal with Sprint, according to which both companies will partner up in deploying a nationwide LTE network.

Unfortunately for LightSquared, there has been one major obstacle preventing it from flipping the switch on its LTE network, namely the interference with GPS communication its towers were found to be causing. In effort to deal with the issue, the company started testing a different piece of spectrum than it originally chose, and the results from those tests have already been reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Well, it seems like the FCC is still not satisfied with LightSquared's LTE network as it has demanded for further testing to be conducted. While the Commission agrees that the results are showing a significant reduction in interference when compared to previous tests, some more sensitive GPS gear, including equipment used by the military, might still be affected.

LightSquared's LTE network is expected to become operational as early as the beginning of 2012, but failing to receive FCC's seal of approval thus far could be a reason for the company to extend its deadline. 

source: FCC via Phone Scoop

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