FCC approved Verizon buyout of Alltel

FCC approved Verizon buyout of Alltel
Verizon Wireless was successfully able to clear the final hurdle surrounding its purchase of Alltel: The approval by the FCC. In a 5-0 vote, the regulatory body approved the deal that would make "Big Red" the largest carrier in the US. In order for the acquisition to take place, the Justice Department is requiring Verizon to sell operations in 100 markets that overlap withAlltel to calm regulators' antitrust concerns over the proposed deal. The FCC is requesting that the company divest five other small markets in addition to the aforementioned areas.

Additionally, Alltel is considered a key roaming partner for regional wireless carriers, and the small companies were concerned that the new Verizon would cause a hike in the price of roaming agreements. In an effort to lower the concerns of various companies, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin proposed extending existing roaming agreements to two years after the merger. Verizon quickly responded and offered to extend the agreements for four years.

Expect to see Veritel, or Allizon, or whatever they plan to call it, coming to a city near you...

source: MarketWatch via BGR



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

Thank god! We knew it was going to go thru. Anyhoo, doubt they'll change their name but it's not like it matters. Just get rid of My Circle!!!

2. unregistered

I agree, with the largest network and all it really wouldn't be a key feature considering most of the people in the US will have Verizon Wireless and with unlimited mobile to mobile My Circle would be a wasted feature. If they do keep it, good, it'll be usefull for landlines...if not oh well. Now XM Radio Mobile, MobiTV, etc...lets talk more fun stuff lol. VZW needs that.

9. unregistered

Really? Most of the people in the US will have Verizon? Yeah...let's not get crazy.

52. unregistered

I use My Circle for landlines and I hope they don't get rid of this feature. It's the primary reason I chose Alltel.

69. unregistered

if you dont renew your contract after its up u can just pay month to month and keep the my circle i believe

3. unregistered

Verizon Wireless needs to be the largest carrier considering their network is awsome!

4. vzw fanboy unregistered

that is great news. now when i go to wichitopiacitypigmontboise i will always have service. remmber those gayt&t commercials?

5. Jyakotu unregistered

So AT&T is going to be the second largest carrier now? Don't really care because a BIGGER carrier doesn't mean a BETTER carrier.

16. unregistered

That's what everybody who takes second place says. "Just because we are inferior in every way measurable doesn't mean we aren't the best!"

44. unregistered

did she tell u that? and you really believed her ?

6. unregistered

in this case the BIGGER carrier is the BETTER carrier. ATT ranks 3rd in call coverage and 4th in call quality.....plus a majority of their handsets suck.

7. Jyakotu unregistered

I just perfer AT&T because of their GSM headsets. You can never go wrong with SIM cards. :D

10. unregistered

SIM cards suck...you lose your phone you lose your SIM. On VZW your #'s are uploaded on a website. So you lose your phone, you really don't lose much because you can just upload them to a new phone in seconds.

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

i totally agree. i love the backup assistant feature and its free.

15. VZWRep unregistered

but remember your number will not be uploaded to our network if you DO NOT download back up assistant. its free! all you have to do is sign up for my verizon on the internet...which is also free. people think my verizon is just another way for us to solicate you BUT quite the contrary its a way for YOU as a consumer to manage your own acct without having to call cust. service or drive to the store...you can even do upgrades add new lines and edit your features just as texting or block features such as downloads. and remember as of right now verizon is the only carrier that has the ability to block premium texting....whoo hoo!

20. unregistered

thats right! anything they can do to reduce the amount of people in a store is good for the company.. and unfortunatly not so good for us sales peeps :( the main concern though is to offer self help options reducing the need for service and tech people in stores.

25. unregistered

STOP SELLING! It's like a bad Verizon comercial up in here! :)

58. unregistered

how do you sell something thats free???

64. unregistered

Ok... Stop Advertising then!!!

8. anonimo unregistered

Well, If I was a phone manufacturer and wanted to offer my phones to a company, I would go to THE BIGGEST.

12. unregistered

Well then why does it seem like Sprint gets a lot of exclusives? Just curious....

22. unregistered

Because instead of spending all their money and time on repairing the network, they blow it all on advertising and exclusive devices. You can color a piece of crap gold, but at the end of the day it's still a piece of crap.

27. unregistered

If you think the Sprint network is a "piece of crap", you're an idiot. I travel a good deal and the network is great. Voice AND data have always been available to me. You can say VZW's network is better if you like but not recognizing that Sprint has a quality network is just plain ignorant.

35. unregistered

haha gd one,, only reason theyre ntwk is any good is b/c of vzw and the roaming agreement they have with them,, no vzw no sprint,, ur really using vzw dude... lol they both work off cdma,,

40. unregistered

go back to playing with your broken glyde... sprints network ranked 2nd in a lot of regions (vzw was number 1 of course..)... saying sprint only roams off of vzw is ignorant.... i would expect nothing less from a mindless vzw drone...

42. unregistered

So if that were true (which it isn't), it would mean I am getting VZW service and paying Sprint prices. In my case, saving over $900 over the course of a 2 year agreement. Sounds like I win.

46. unregistered

we do have roaming agreements w/ sprint and alltell, and vice versa.. just like att and tmobile have roaming agreements. but you dont get ALL of our towers.. we aint that nice beeeyotch! :) of course, with sprint prices, you also get sprint crap overseas customer service, sprint half assed data services (sprint tv vs mediaflo.. seriously) less 3g network by half because u dont get a roaming agreement for that :), and you get your contract extended for every little thing which verizon was the first NOT TO DO. we dont extend contracts for anything unless you buy another phone at a discount. unlike sprint where if you sneeze in the direction of the store, you get a 6 month extension. you pay less because you get less. of course what do i care, i get half off VZW for being and employee ;)

47. unregistered

The thing is, none of what you said effects me. All I care about is that I have service wherever I go and I pay less....a LOT less. I am fine with my Sprint TV (watching the Broncos and Browns right now on my phone and you're not). You're out of your mind or a liar or maybe both if you're telling me Sprint has half the 3G coverage of VZW, but nice try. And the ONLY time I've had my contract extended is when I upgrade, so I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. They don't extend me to change my plan, have my phone replaced by insurance or adding lines, all of which I have done lately, so I think you be talkin' out your ass. The bottom line is that you VZW guys refuse to admit that Verizon isn't the best choice for everyone. Verizon is great, but for me, so is Sprint. I save a ton of $ and I feel my service is top notch. I have absolutely nothing to gain by switching. End of story.

59. unregistered

well your in for a big surprise then. sprint doesnt own most all of there towers anymore. death to sprint is within grasp. i like to call it "the final solution"

65. unregistered

haha!! nice though.

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