Ericsson prepares mobile app store for carriers

At Ericsson prepare mobile app store for carriers
Mobile app stores have proved to be quite a popular service, after Apple launched their App Store. Similar, functional as of now services are also available to both Android and webOS owners and Windows Marketplace for Mobile is expected to launch with over 600 apps. Cell phone app stores are now are dream come true to carriers, because they allow companies to expand their range of services. Skillfully created stores require knowledge, experience and time that not every carrier has or can afford. So, one of the oldest companies in the industry, Ericsson, has taken up on the task to develop one of their own. It´s interesting to note that their Japanese partner, Sony, is not part of the project.

What Ericsson hopes to accomplish is launch an overall system that is as easy and comfy to use as App Store. According to Ida La Spisa, head of Ericsson’s service delivery platform solutions, their product is to have several clear advantages over its rivals. First, it won´t be limited to offering apps for a particular device or operating system. Rather, you will be able to find software for any handset, from high-tech smartphones to low-range, affordable cell phones. Moreover, the carrier will be able to receive application use feedback through its own network, something that Apple does not offer. This would enable companies to advertise certain apps to select groups of customers. Ericsson is to offer its own app development system as well as payment settlement services to provide smooth functionality to users, carriers and software developers.

Let´s hope the system proves to be a success and we get to see it in action soon. And, of course, improved quality and increased number of services on offer.


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