Windows Marketplace for Mobile to offer only 600 apps on launch?

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Windows Marketplace for Mobile to offer only 600 apps on launch?
The Windows Mobile operating system has been around for quite some time with plenty of apps available at your disposal right now – more like 20,000. Just doing a quick search on software for the aging platform will yield plenty of sites to choose from. The speculation right now is that Microsoft intends to only have 600 apps offered on launch day for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. It may be somewhat true with Audrey Zolghadr, Windows Mobile product manager at Microsoft France, stating that figure in a recent interview. Everything has a beginning, but we're confident that the list will continue to grow. Hey, at least it's not as bad what Pre owners were offered on day one for their App Catalog.

via WMExperts


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1. behold--me

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only 600? well its a hell of a lot more than the pre on launch date!!!!!

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