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Epic Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition to hit iOS this summer

After seemingly abandoning the franchise for a couple of years, publisher Capcom is planning a return for Street Fighter to mobile. The Japanese company announced Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition for Apple devices. This is going to be a fresh coat of paint over the regular Street Fighter IV, which has grown rather long in the tooth since its first release in 2010.

Capcom will refurnish the game with high-res visuals and widescreen support – making it look more adequate on the bigger and higher-res iPhones and iPads Apple released in the years since. Other updates and refinements are coming as well – such as MFi controller support and online multiplayer over WiFi. Moreover, Capcom is adding three new characters - Poison, Ibuki, and fan favorite Dundley!. This makes for a total of 25 playable characters, which is a respectable roster.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is scheduled for release sometime in the summer. If the waiting becomes unbearable, feel free to subscribe to Capcom's pre-registration mailing list for news and announcements delivered as they come.



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