Employees filing lawsuits against Sprint

Employees filing lawsuits against Sprint
The list keeps on piling up for Sprint who has been trying to win back customers and compete with other rival domestic wireless carriers. Bad news keeps on rearing its ugly head with its foundation of employees now taking aim at the company for lost commission. New reports have surfaced stating that possibly thousands have been cheated out of their sales commissions due to a computer glitch. Of course the company has stated that they are committed to paying their employees what they are owed. This so called anomaly means that they did not receive the full amount of what they earned as far back as 2005 when Sprint and Nextel merged together. The U.S. district court gave Sprint until December 22 to provide a full list of all the sales clerks who were potentially affected. This does not bode well for Sprint who has been fighting an uphill battle for a long time against its competition. Now on top of customers filing lawsuits for their recently revised Early Termination Fee policy and poor third quarter results, they have to deal with internal problems with their own employees. With the economy still in a downward spiral, this does not look well for Sprint shareholders.

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1. unregistered

as a VZW employee i feel horrible for those Sprint employees who were affected. my bank account sure feels good about all those sprint defectors though...

2. rabeck

Posts: 5; Member since: Sep 06, 2008

That's exactly why I left VZW,,,,,seemed like that's all any of them cared about

3. unregistered

yeah dude seriously, ego much?

4. unregistered

I don't think there is a company in America that employs more tools then VZW. Most if not all their comments are just like #1. Then they all cry and call phonearena a bias website due to the review they gave the Storm.

5. unregistered

#4 and you base that off of the internet...you should know how people are on the internet. have you ever heard that song "im so much cooler on the internet" i work for verizon as well. i have for about a year and not all of us are as conceited as #1. douche bags are everywhere, every job, every state, every city.

8. vzw fanman unregistered

i just want to know why the people posting on this website are for verizon, isnt that wieird lol? you keep complaining about us. then lets hear some at&t gay fanboys, we dont hear anuf of you and then we can complain about you haha lol.

9. unregistered

I do understant that it is not all empoyees but is see it all phones blogs I vist. The rediculas comments that some VZW employees post far out weigh the comments I see from At&t, T-Mobile and Sprint employess combined. It is nice to see that there are employees like your self but the other just give you all a bad name. You are right...most of it is due to the internet as I doubt the authors of some of these comments would say the same things if you were talking to them face to face.

11. unregistered

That is my point #8. All we see here are VZW employees of course they are for VZW. How is that strange or difficult to comprehend? We don't get the same comments from AT&T employees as they normally post on AT&T news. We just get the VZW peeps posting on evey single story regardless if it relates to them or not. If the posts had some insightful info that would be one thing, but normally they bring absolutly nothing to the conversation and just make it harder to read the worthy comments.

15. unregistered

i wanna hear what the Sprint-fag-boys have to say about this, not surprising since Sprint is corrupt so much.

17. vzw fanman unregistered

why do all you idiots think i work for verizon haha lol

18. unregistered

Maybe becasue we are talking about VZW employees and in your post you write " you keep complaining about us." We are complaining about VZW employees and you say "us" meaing you are included and work for VZW. If that is not the case then don't type misleading posts. Maybe you imagine that you work for them or something not really sure. I can only go by what you type. Who's the idiot again?? Now if we were talking about fanboys then you could use the word "us" in your post and there would be no confusion.

23. vzw fanman unregistered

i was pertaining to "fanboys" i mean look at my user name haha lol! fanboy what a gay name haha

28. unregistered

wow way to be a douche #1. Sprint is trying to turn around but 900,000 customers lost in the third quarter billion dollar etf lawsuit and now this. sounds like they are becoming the "Then" network IMO

31. unregistered

I think it's one fanboy

38. Cell Phone User unregistered

*GASP* You mean a company is trying to make money?????? And a commisioned sales rep likes earning his comissions?????? What is the world coming to???

47. elgee02 unregistered

Yeah, becuase commission sales reps for all the other carriers don't care about making money. Tool.

57. unregistered

Well first off your view is slightly skewed. Verizon has more employees than any of the other companies you mentioned so it would stand to reason that there would be more people like #1 posting representing Verizon than other companies. And really, I fail to see why you criticize him so. Sure he was blatant, however he spoke the truth and the vast majority of people in his position would feel the same way. Some, maybe even most wouldn't vocalize it, but that is a mute point when dealing with the internet. It doesn't matter what people think of him here. You don't know him, therefore he shouldn't care what you think. And if you honestly say that his post is going to put a bad taste in your mouth, and will lead to your choosing a different carrier, well then you should probably look at the numbers Verizon has posted consistently. America's biggest network? Check. America's most reliable network? (not the tagline, rather researched performance) Check. Great customer service? (not the best, but second only to T-Mobile who, well lets face it, if they didn't have the best customer service would they have any customers to...well service?) Check. If Verizon didn't have any of these qualities, it would be faring worse than Sprint. Verizon is much more expensive because they know people will gladly pay extra every month than deal with Sprint's horrendous customer care or T-Mobile's obvious lack of coverage. So if you are going to take what one person on an online site takes to be a representation of an entire company, well then the fault is on you. To make such a brash decision based on a personality perception is a terrible assumption, however this vicissitude is the prerogative of the viewer. This verbiage has veered most verbose I'm afraid, so I apologize and thank you kindly for your time.

60. Cell Phone User unregistered


62. vzw fanman unregistered

i didnt understand one word in your whole little speech

68. Cell Phone User unregistered

No need to feel sore becuase you are wrong

6. unregistered

wow this site fails..... what a great blog you linked....

7. QuEeNElLa unregistered

Look Sprint isnt the only carrier that has cheated an employee off of their sales commision trust me I have been victim to this and it sure wasnt because of sprint I am going to leave it sort and simple there is many cases like this all over but Sprint is just the lucky ones to get sued and posted everywhere for this matter the point is that it happens so this is a wake up call keep track of what you sell and and know how much is suppose to come to you and don't fall short because of some company mistake

12. unregistered

It's even worse when you work for an outsourcing company. =P

10. unregistered

sprint still owes me over $1000...any word on how i can join this lawsuit???

13. unregistered

sprint has been actively addressing this issue for a long time now. i now reps no longer with the company who still receive commission checks infrequently as sprint corrects their issues. it sucks they didnt get paid in the first place, but its not like sprint is just sitting around doing nothing about it.

14. unregistered

yea...they send me checks for literally pennies. the checks cost more to print than the amount theyve sent me but they still dont want to recitfy the bigger more expensive issue of $1000. its about time this is brought to light. we dealt with this for too long with no compassion from that stupid company. so glad i quit when i did

16. unregistered

ive gotten probably $2k in various checks since i left the company

19. 8 Year Sprint User unregistered

VZW cell phone nazi's...I mean salesmen... lie, intimidate, cajole, cheat, and use every other trick in the book to sucker people into signing. Every single person I know that jumped ship from to Sprint to Verizon wishes they never did it. Worse than used car salesmen.

45. unregistered

It all depends on what store you go. I personaly pride myself on not misleading my customers and making sure they come back and hopefuly refer there friends and family back to me. I wont sit here and say though that there arnt snakes and cheats in this industry. Trust me in the years that i have been in the cell phone business i have see and heard of a lot of dirty things being done and told to customers to make a sale.

48. elgee02 unregistered

Yeah, VZW smashes sprint in lower churn and more customers adds quarter after quarter because VZW's employees all lie and cheat while the employees at all the other carriers are perfect honest angles. Makes perfect sense.

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