EmoSPARK is your smartphone accessible AI assistant

EmoSPARK is your smartphone accessible AI assistant
This is more than a smart solution opening the garage door for you, this is something that is more in line with the movie Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix. EmoSPARK is an artificial intelligence console that connects with your house and allows you to remain connected with it even when you are not home.

EmoSPARK has a little under two weeks left in its Indiegogo fundraising campaign and it has already surpassed the $100,000 funding goal. That means if you are interested in this type of technology, you could be among the first to grace their home with an AI element that "knows" you.

As for the hardware and specification of EmoSPARK itself, it is a 90mm cube. Inside, a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU runs Android 4.2.2. Also featured is an “EPU,” or Emotional Processing Unit. EmoSPARK will learn to read your facial expressions, and voice stress to detect when you are feeling joy or anger, surprise or disgust.

There is an application that will let you observe in real time how the EPU processes your emotions, so that may be a pretty neat trick. You will be able to name your EmoSPARK whatever you want, so it is apropos if you feel the need to name yours, “HAL.”

EmoSPARK will work with Android and iOS powered devices. Stretch goals include support for Windows Phone and multi-camera support along with enhanced compatibility for Webee automation.

Below is the feature video about EmoSPARK, and alpha test video as well as a features from IBM that discusses the complexities involved in the science that enables computers to understand and interact with us.

source: EmoSPARK (Indiegogo)

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