Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers get discounted by Amazon once again

Keep missing out on Amazon Echo details? Fret not, there's another one for you! The retailer has discounted its Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers to sweeten up the purchase. Amazon is taking $40 off the regular Echo speaker, selling it for $140 in both black and white versions. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot is discounted by $10, coming down to $40.

You ought to know the difference between the two speakers, of course, seeing that the one costs $100 more than the other. The Echo is a big, tube-like speaker that's able to play your favorite Spotify tunes (also Pandora, Prime Music, and other streaming services) and uses Amazon's Alexa voice AI assistant to let you search for things online and control connected appliances. The Echo Dot does all the same things, but it's absolutely tiny – a truly portable variant of the Echo Dot that anyone interested can afford.

To grab your Echo or Echo Dot speaker on a discount, head over to Amazon - Echo or Echo Dot.

Recently, the retailer unveiled the Echo Show, a technologically advanced variant of the Echo smart speaker with a built-in color touchscreen display. Furthermore, all Echo products are capable of making voice calls to other Echo owners or users of the Amazon Alexa app on Android and iOS.




1. jacksmith21006

Posts: 68; Member since: Nov 03, 2015

It is the Google Home is why I suspect Amazon is doing the discounts. Have both. Purchased the Echo on it's launch almost 2 years ago and now we have several of the Google Homes (GH). The Echo uses commands. So you memorize how to ask it something. An example for songs it has a command "song goes like" if you do not know the name. With the Google Home you just talk. Say it anyway you want and it figures it out. It is really smart. So say hey google is billy related to george and it figures out it is Billy Bush and George Bush somehow. Or say play gwen sting bottle and get Gwen Stefani and Sting singing message in a bottle. The GH is also picking up some nuances. So started talking to it and then say "I forgot" and she will say "no worries happens to me all the time". Then another time I say "nevermind" and it indicates "Yes let's move forward". I gets the I. The answer changes I guess from Google crawling the web all these years it learned how to respond to humans in a human type manner.

2. sgodsell

Posts: 7209; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Amazon needs to sell their products in other countries like Canada. The Google home is great. There is even a Raspberry PI images​ for both Alexa and Googles Assistant. So you can make your own inexpensive Echo Dots, or a real inexpensive Google Home.

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