Ebony and Ivory iPhones

Ebony and Ivory iPhones
If Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney were to sing their classic "Ebony and Ivory" today, the duo could have been talking about the next generation iPhone model. You might recall that just the other day, we told you about pictures of a white panel for the iPhone found on a blog in Vientnam-where iPhone 4G sightings have become numerous and couldn't attract more attention if it were the Lochness Monster being photographed. Whereas in the past, white iPhone models had black panels, these newer snapshots show an all-white front although you can tell from the "home" button on the white model that the cover has not been snapped into place. Also, you can see that the new casing leaves a small space for the front-facing camera. We have seen the black variant before, of course, starting with the unit that was found in that now famous west coast bar a  few weeks ago. We have seen it in Vietnam and now in China with the white model by its side. In about 2 weeks, the next generation of iPhone should be introduced and all of the guessing will be over-until next year.

Apple iPhone 4G Preliminary Specifications

source: Apple.Provia BestBoyz

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