Dual-core Snapdragon jingles up to 1.5GHz expected for stocking stuffers

Dual-core Snapdragon jingles up to 1.5GHz expected for stocking stuffers
Mark Frankel, VP of Qualcomm, has reaffirmed that the company has shipped its dual-core Snapdragon chipset to manufacturers, and the quickest of them could be bringing to market smartphones or tablets with it by Christmas, or even in Q4.

The majority of devices with the new system-on-a-chip that runs at clock speeds up to 1.5GHz, and allows for full 1080p HD video playback, however, should start flooding the retail space early next year. The 45nm QSD8672 Snapdragon has two cores - each can be utilized independently, and put to rest when not needed, thus improving battery life up to 30% compared to its single core brethren.

Qualcomm has traditionally strong ties with HTC, so whether Windows Phone 7 will try to differentiate itself from the competition with dual-core hardware, or it will be running on an Android handset, HTC will most likely be one of the first to out a phone with the new Snapdragon.

source: ComputerWorld via WMPoweruser


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