Dual-Core get you excited? What does Quad-Core do for you?

Dual-Core get you excited? What does Quad-Core do for you?
NVIDIA released a whitepaper on Tuesday, detailing the future of multi-core processors. Buried in the print was a line that "quad-core CPU's are coming in the near future". This dove-tails perfectly with recent comments by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang who said that Tegra 3 was finished and that Tegra 4 was being built now. Every year, NVIDIA hopes to produce a new Tegra CPU.

If dual-core processors will be here within weeks, we could be seeing quad-core perhaps no more than 1 year away. Remember that feeling you would have when buying a new desktop or laptop computer? It was that awful feeling that as soon as you took your new PC home and opened the box, it had become obsolete and something better was now available for the same price you just spent. Something similar has been happening with Android dating back to last November's Motorola DROID launch which was followed quickly by the release of the Google Nexus One. Now it would appear as though the pace is going to pick up some speed once again.

source: AndroidandMe

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