DragonGo! adds Expedia integration to its iOS and Android app

DragonGo! adds Expedia integration to its iOS and Android app
DragonGo! is the nifty little app offered by voice recognition company Nuance for iOS and Android devices. Using a vocal command or by writing, you can ask a question and DragonGo! quickly goes through a list of apps to find the one with the best answer. We requested the current weather for Pembroke Pines Florida and up popped Accu-Weather with the current temperature and forecast. Sure, it is nothing that you haven't seen before and it requires more hands-on functionality than Siri. But for Android and iOS users not sporting an Apple iPhone 4S, DragonGo! is a handy app to have installed. If you have Android 4.0, you cannot get DragonGo! through the Android Market like others can. You ICS totin' guys need to go to Swype's web site and install the ICS beta of the swipe to type app. Why? Because Swype is owned by Nuance and the ICS beta for Swype includes DragonGo! Cool workaround, eh?

Anyway, as to the point of this story, DragonGo! users can now check hotel reservation, flight information and more thanks to the integration of travel site Expedia. It's a great addition to the sites used by the Nuance application to quickly get you the information you want, when you want it. Other than those using Android 4.0 who have to use the workaround mentioned above, DragonGo! is free in the Android Market and in the App Store.

source: Nuance



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