Dolphin browser adds "Sonar" voice commands

Dolphin browser adds "Sonar" voice commands
Dolphin, a popular 3rd party browser for iOS and Android devices, has announced that version 7.4 will bring voice commands to Dolphin for Android. We presume that Apple’s tight control over Siri (and the lack of other powerful voice command hooks on earlier iPhones) makes it harder to bring this feature to Apple’s mobile devices, but for those of you with the robot-flavored handsets Dolphin brings you Sonar.

Sonar uses Google’s built-in voice recognition API to translate your words to text, before using their Dolphin-specific backend to figure out what the words mean. Even in this initial build you get fairly impressive voice interaction. You can navigate to pages, add new tabs, and use popular social sites (“Facebook Kate Perry”) to search for people. You can also direct Sonar to “Yelp” things if you want reviews of a new restaurant or laundromat you are considering.

To help promote Sonar, Dolphin has released a YouTube video that suggests the new voice functions are so fun and useful that you’ll wish everything would respond to your questions this way. It’s fairly amusing and worth a minute and a half of your time, but if time is of the essence you can grab the latest version of Dolphin for Android at the market link below.

source: Dolphin via Tech Crunch, Android Market


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