Differences between iPhone and BlackBerry owners

Differences between iPhone and BlackBerry owners
What are the differences between iPhone and BlackBerry owners? A recent survey by Retrevo gives us some answers. There is a sex bias between the two smartphones. 53% of those using Apple's iconic touchscreen phone are female while 59% of 'Berry owners are of the male persuasion. 35% of iPhone users would be turned off by a romantic partner that had...GASP...out of date gadgets. 24% of BlackBerry users agreed. 22% of those using the latter device have broken off a relationship via e-mail or text while 33% of iPhone users have done the same thing. More iPhone owners than BlackBerry owners, by a 25% to 17% margin, have ended a relationship with someone because he/she spent too much time on a mobile device. 20% of iPhone users admitted to using the device to watch adult material while 12% of 'Berry owners made the same admission. Of those using the Apple device, 30% have watched television or video on it and 31% have used it to check news and/or sports while the numbers for BlackBerry users were 13% and 19% respectively.  Everyone loves to text with 50% of iPhone users and 46% of BlackBerry users admitting to have used their phone to send messages. Finally, 61% of iPhone users say that are extroverted, 18% characterize themselves as a jock, 40% would consider themselves an intellectual and 36% would say they are a media buff. The numbers for BlackBerry owners in the same categories are 53%, 16%, 36% and 28%. What conclusions can we draw from the figures? It seems that those who use BlackBerry devices see themselves as average, ordinary people while iPhone users have a somewhat exalted view of themselves.

source: RetrevoBlog

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