Did you know that the Hyundai once launched a "perfumephone"?

smelly phone
History has seen a ton of unusual, bizarre, and downright creepy phones. The Hyundai MP280 is one such handset, even though at a glance, there doesn't seem to be anything peculiar about it. Yet, it was a phone like no other thanks to its, how should we put it, fragrant properties.

Released in parts of Asia back in 2005, the Hyundai MP280 stood out with its built-in, user-refillable perfume container (the "butterfly" under its screen). It could hold a couple of drops of perfume, which was enough to sustain the release of a pleasant scent in the air for about 8 hours. Needless to say, the phone was made with ladies in mind. 

For its debut, Hyundai's fragrant phone was priced at 9900 yuan, which equaled to about $1200 back then. No other "perfumephones" have been launched ever since, which makes it safe to assume that the MP280 wasn't a commercial success. Samsung has patented the idea of a perfume-spraying phone, however.

reference: ePrice.tw

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