Did you know: Woz reveals Apple as a company was never really conceived in a garage

There was one other Steve that played a key role in the success of Apple as a company from its earliest days: in fact, most of it, according to some. While Steve Jobs was the marketer, the sales man, it was actually engineer Steve Wozniak who did the extremely challenging task of actually building the first Apple computers, including the legendary Apple II.

But while you may have heard that in those early days, the two were gathering and thinking out ideas in a garage, the truth is that the garage is nothing more than a proverbial way of speaking about it. In fact, even when Apple was in its earliest days, Wozniak would discuss matters with Jobs at their homes, but not necessarily sitting in a garage.

Those who are following and interested in the history of Apple as a company would also find it interesting to hear the whole story of the early days at Apple by Woz himself.

He reveals interesting facts like this one: before actually building their first computers, Wozniak - a Hewlett-Packard employee at the time - offered six times to HP to make his ideas a reality within HP, but his ideas were repeatedly shot down. Finally, one day, Steve Jobs had managed to secure a whopping $50,000 deal to sell the first Apple computer to a local hardware shop, and Apple was officially in business.

Wozniak also speaks about today's culture of 'enterpreneurship'. We put it in quotes because of the way Woz himself says it is incorrectly portrayed in colleges and other institutions, almost as if the entrepreneurial idea is somehow separate of good engineering, which could be an after-though. Quite the opposite, according to the legendary techie:

"The engineers could be in Russia, they could be in India, they could be anywhere," Woz explains the current thinking. "No," he objects, "you should have the engineer involved in your starting team."

Check out the full interview, which is brilliantly narrated and edited right above and don't hesitate to share your favorite thoughts from it in the comments below.

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1. XperiaFanZone

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4. Unordinary unregistered

Maybe they should write a piece on how he shared his thought that the Gear watch was complete and utter ^%#*, returning it the next day lol, compared to his "most favorite" watch, the Apple Watch. That would be something different right?

5. Adreno

Posts: 755; Member since: Mar 12, 2016

He should write a piece of what... Without Apple sueing him to Lucy Koh? Lel...

6. Adreno

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What Prank? Jobs refused to give stock option to early Apple employees and making them wait forever. Wozniak was even way better that Jobs... www(dot)businessinsider(dot)com/steve-wozniak-gave​-early-apple-employees-10-million-in-stock-2014-9

8. NoToFanboys

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You just have to bash, don't you? You are doing the very thing that you don't want others to do to Apple LOL.

10. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

All he said was that phonearena posted this story before. He didn't bash Wozniak or Apple. In fact Wozniak is one of the few people I'll take as being an unbiased tech lover. He's not afraid to say if something is good or bad, regardless of who produces it.

2. Mxyzptlk unregistered

When there's greatness, there's bound to be myths and a little folklore thrown in.

3. Unordinary unregistered

I love how he pulls pranks every day on friends and fam

7. Adreno

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What Prank? Jobs refused to give stock option to early Apple employees and making them wait forever. www(dot)businessinsider(dot)com/steve-wozniak-gave​-early-apple-employees-10-million-in-stock-2014-9

9. Trakker

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To iFans this revelation is like finding out Jesus wasn't born in a manger

12. S-R-K

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13. AmashAziz

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This Steve needs to make a strong comeback, coz it was his own hardwork which made the Apple II Computer a success. Didn't Wozniak ever spend some time remembering his past. If he loves the brand, and doesn't want to regret in his afterlife, then I think he must return where he started from. Apple needs him!

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