Did Google offer a hint at Android L’s nickname on its 16th birthday cake?


Google turned 16 years old this month, and while the company observes September 27 as its birthday, it really is not. The company, until 2005, noted its birthday as September 7th, the day it was incorporated. The switch to celebrate the birthday later in the month coincides with when Google announces the number of web pages are indexed. That number is somewhere north of 30 trillion, and as we know the page manages millions of searches each minute.

No matter the actual day, September is certainly Google’s birth month, and it has only been 16 years. As pervasive the search engine, Gmail, and Android is though, it feels like the company has been around a lot longer. The brightest stars usually burn the shortest, but Google is showing no signs of any flicker as it continues to shine ever so brightly having changed the way we surf the internet completely.

As with any proper birthday occasion, there was cake. Google took to social media to share its cake. In lieu of 16 candles on the cake however, the top was adorned with a collection of lollipops.

That can mean anything, but short of some sort of sponsorship agreement that brought us KitKat, is it a stretch to think that Android L may be proclaimed as Android “Lollipop?”

source: Google
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