Developer Edition of Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon comes with unlocked bootloader

Developer Edition of Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon comes with unlocked bootloader
The other day when Verizon customers started to receive their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S III, there was a bit of an uproar when it was discovered that the phone had a locked bootloader. But the pair happened to have an ace under their sleeves.On Tuesday, Samsung and Verizon introduced the Developer Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S III with an unlocked bootloader. The device will run over Big Red's LTE pipeline and will soon be available from Samsung's web site at for $599 off-contract. In a self-penned Q&A, both Samsung and Verizon say they realize that there are many users of the device who would like to run third party ROMs, although they do warn that only those experienced with such matters should be playing around with the phone.

The Q&A did mention a reason for the locked bootloader on the subsidized Verizon model. The quick and dirty answer is that unlocking the bootloader would prevent Verizon from making sure the users of the phone receive its normal level of customer service and could negatively affect how the phone connects to Big Red's network. Other customers could be impacted by the use of unapproved software and the user's warranty could be voided. Samsung, on the other hand, tried to look the other way by saying that while not all of their previous Android flavored models had an easy to unlock bootloader, the other Samsung Galaxy S III models and all Nexus branded models have one that is easy to unlock.

So there it is, folks. Verizon users can have an unblocked bootloader on their Samsung Galaxy S III although it will require them to dig deeper into their pocket to pay for it.

source: Phandroid

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