Detailed infographic speaks of the current state of mobile malware

Detailed infographic speaks of the current state of mobile malware
Even though most smartphone users are not seeing this as a major threat right now, it is indisputable that the tiny computers that lay in our pockets are vulnerable to malware. This is why you might want to spare a minute of your time and check out this wonderful infographic that the guys from BullGuard have shared with the world.

Their piece of work can actually teach you more than a few things about the current state of malicious software tailored for smartphones, and most importantly, how to avoid having to deal with it. It brings out the most common ways of getting infected with a virus and all the potential dangers that getting so may expose you to.

With Windows Mobile and Symbian being the oldest and most well-researched mobile platforms, it is no surprise that they have been the victims of the most effective hacker attacks to date, according to the infographic. However, Android might be following their path right now as malware aimed at Google's mobile operating system has been skyrocketing over the past months. Even BlackBerrys, which are popularly known for being pretty tough to crack, are not bulletproof, as the Zeus Bank attack from 2010 goes to show. Apple's iOS has also had its fair share of malware as well since jailbroken devices are usually more vulnerable than stock units and many legit apps have been known for leaking information to third parties.

We would definitely recommend checking the infographic out as the information in there might prove pretty valuable one day, especially if you are not a smartphone guru.



1. The_Miz

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First comment :P And it's Android that's sending all the malware threats.

3. wassup

Posts: 565; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

Miz, seriously? FIRST?!? I knew you were retarded and all, but please for all this FIRST BS go to, they would prefer you there, and honestly, so would we. notice how the article says " many legit apps have been known for leaking information to third parties.", about iOS, it shows you that iOS is even more vulnerable than Android, because we need to download SHADY software from questionable sources to get malware, while you download 'legit' software, and still get it. there goes your Android is more vulnerable than iOS strategy ;)

2. Moo unregistered

Grass, clover, and forbs

4. myclevername

Posts: 94; Member since: Jun 07, 2010

Huh. And Bullguard makes anti virus software for cellphones so they would have absolutely no interest in creating a problem they could make money solving. It's like those drug ads on TV..."if you have eyes, or lips or a face or walk or sit then you could have disease X. Ask your doctor about Bullguard today". Kill me

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