Delivered! app lets you easily track all your packages from an iPhone or an iPad

Delivered! app lets you easily track all your packages from an iPhone or an iPad
Amazon's breathtaking price-to-earnings ratio, shows that the growth of online shopping continues unabated, due to the sheer comfort of it, in comparison with traditional trips to the mall. This fact obviously means that most of us very often have packages to track, and keeping tab on all those orders is not an easy undertaking.

The Delivered! app for your iPhone or iPad comes to the rescue. It lets you track all your DHL, FedEx, LaserShip, OnTrac, UPS, UPS Freight, UPS Mail Innovations orders, and the good ol' USPS shipments, too. That happens from the comfort of one application, which sports a clean and simple interface, though you'd have to shell out $1.99 for the service.

Delivered! aggregates the tracking numbers from all shipping companies you have placed orders with, and informs you which package is where every step of the way. It also lets you sync packages between your different iOS device via iCloud, and sports notifications so that you don't miss an important tracking event.

Developer: Fernando SaragocaDownload: iTunes
Category: UtilitiesPrice: $1.99



1. tedkord

Posts: 17418; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Try Deliveries on Android. When I get delivery emails to my Gmail account, I get a Google Now notification, which when I click to open it, it opens in Deliveries and adds the shipment number automatically. I just type in a name for the shipment and it tracks it from there. So far is been flawless with FedEx, UPS and USPS.

2. androiphone20

Posts: 1654; Member since: Jul 10, 2013

*tracks UPS delivery* Error, package not found.

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