Deal: save $500 on this LG G5 bundle from B&H

Deal: save $500 on this LG G5 bundle from B&H
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are beyond us now but if you're an LG fan, boy does B&H Photo Video have a deal for you. For a limited time, the retailer is selling the LG G5 at a discounted price and is also throwing in a few accessories.

Over at B&H, the LG G5 sells for a full retail price of $449.99. That's already $200 (30%) off the usual price but that's not all. The retailer is including $300 worth of LG Friends. Overall, you're saving about $500 and getting a great phone with a bunch of accessories.

Note that the deal is good for brand-new unlocked LG G5 units, phones that will work with both GSM and CDMA carriers.

The Friends that are offered for free are the LG CAM Plus module, the LG 360 VR headset, as well as a charging cradle. Furthermore, B&H is also offering a free removable battery. Combined, these accessories would normally cost about $300.

While the LG G5 has failed to compete on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the modular LG flagship smartphone is still a very good smartphone overall. The raw specs include a 5.3-inch display running at 1440 by 2560 pixels, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, as well as a removable 2,800mAh battery. In the imaging department, the LG G5 features a 16MP primary camera and an 8MP selfie shooter on the front. There's obviously a lot more to the modular handset, and you can check out all of the details by heading on over to our LG G5 review. In a nutshell, however, the LG G5 is well worth $449.99 when you get $300 worth of accessories. 

What do you guys make of this deal?

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1. Adsr14

Posts: 118; Member since: Aug 08, 2015

It's actually pretty dam good. But when I see 2800 mAh I cringe a little. It doesn't matter if they include a free battery the fact that it's 2800 mAh in the first place never made sense

3. libra89

Posts: 2293; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

I think since the battery is removable and the whole mod deal, it might not be as big as it should ideally be.

2. stardomains

Posts: 29; Member since: Nov 05, 2015

Battery last good enough for me. After trying a bunch of different Snapdragon 820 phones, I settled on this G5 and am pleased with it. I had to have a phone with a very good camera among other things. This fits the bill.


Posts: 652; Member since: Jun 28, 2014

Last week my spouse was angry and smashed my 5-month old G5 against 3" steel bar so hard it bent the metal frame a 175-degree angle - mind you the phone was supposedly "protected" in a rugged case. The battery was bent and warped as well and the screen was obliterated for the most part but the top half of it still worked partially. It was amazing everything inside the phone still worked. I got a replacement yesterday I'm sad to say my obliterated phone works better (internally), this new (refurbished) phone was boot-looping like a madman out of the box. I swapped out parts from my destroyed phone and now it works perfectly. I hope this one doesn't meet a similar same fate...

6. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I think your spouse did you a favor. You can definitely do better than the G5.


Posts: 652; Member since: Jun 28, 2014

It was a favor alright. Spared me a whole day of viewing your backwoods commentary.

9. Foomanchoo80

Posts: 6; Member since: Oct 25, 2016

Can definitely do better than that spouse.

5. Martin_Cooper

Posts: 1774; Member since: Jul 30, 2013

This thing is so ugly they should pay you 500$ to get it

8. android1234

Posts: 203; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Lame! The accessories are not worth their retail value. Might as well give $500 off and then it would be a deal!

10. tonyv13

Posts: 120; Member since: Jun 07, 2015

They give you the free battery and cradle plus the camera mod for 450$!!! Has a good camera so it's a good deal

11. shlomo

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 01, 2016

after what I experienced with LG warranty it can be only one answer LG NEVER MORE howardforums*com/showthread.php/1888862-cricket-st​ole-my-new-phone I bought in previous years 3 LG smartphone and 4 LG g pad (for donation ) sorry LG you f*** yourself

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