Deal: Apple iPhone SE now $240 off at Boost and Virgin Mobile

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile (Sprint's two prepaid brands) are currently slashing no less than $240 off the price of the iPhone SE - brand new, off contract. More exactly, Boost Mobile is selling the iPhone SE 32 GB for just $159.99, and the iPhone SE 128 GB for $259.99. Apparently, Virgin Mobile only has the iPhone SE 128 GB in stock - for the same price of $259.99. The deals can be checked out via the source links found at the end of this article.

While both Boost and Virgin are offering their iPhones off contract, the handsets are not unlocked. It looks like you can unlock them for free only after using them for at least 12 months on Boost or Virgin (on plans starting at $35 per month). Another thing to note is that the iPhone SE units available on Boost and Virgin Mobile are not suitable for use on Verizon and AT&T (as they're missing essential LTE bands), but they should work perfectly fine on Sprint and T-Mobile.

As a reminder, Apple is currently selling the iPhone SE 32 GB for $399, and the iPhone SE 128 GB for $499, though these prices get you fully unlocked devices.

sources: Boost Mobile (iPhone SE 32 GB, iPhone SE 128 GB), Virgin Mobile

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