Deal: iPhone 7/iPhone 8 OtterBox Commuter case is 64% off at Amazon, grab one for $14.33!

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OtterBox Commuter case for iPhone 7/8
AmazonNew$14.33 ($39.95)
64% off ($25.62)

OtterBox Commuter case for iPhone 7/8 on Amazon

If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 in need of some extra protection, we have good news for you! The OtterBox Commuter case for the 4.7-inch Apple smartphones is now heavily discounted on Amazon.

The Commuter case retails for $39.95 at OtterBox's official site, but Amazon is offering the item at almost a third of its MSRP! The popular Black variant with "Frustration-free packaging" currently goes for $14.33 at the e-commerce site, a discount of $25.62 or 64%. If you'd like to purchase the case with its original packaging, you'll have to pay $15.77 or an extra $1.44.

The Commuter case for the iPhone 7/8 offers a great degree of protection while being slimmer than the company's heavyweight Defender series. It features a two-layer design - the outer shell is made of hard PC plastic, while the inside is made of a rubbery material that provides great shock protection. There are cut-outs for the mute switch, speaker/microphone grilles, camera and LED light, as well as the Apple logo at the back. All the buttons are covered up by the rubbery case, while there's also a port cover for the Lightning port.

Keep in mind that these cases are intended for the smaller iPhone 7 and 8 models, meaning that a 7 Plus or 8 Plus won't fit inside. If you're interested in getting the OtterBox Commuter case for your iPhone, feel free to follow the above link to Amazon.


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