Deal: Get Prune - the Time Magazine and Apple iPad 2015 game of the year - for 75% off!

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PruneGoogle Play$0.99 ($3.99) 75% off03/21/17
PruneApp Store$0.99 ($3.99) 75% off03/21/17

If you're looking to play something truly different on your smartphone or tablet, now might be the perfect time to grab one of the most critically acclaimed titles of 2015 - Prune. 

The title has received so many awards due to the fact that it's very straightforward and unique at the same time. Each level begins with the player planting a seed which then sprouts into a tree. You then have to prune the branches of said tree and direct them into the light so the tree can blossom. After enough blossoms grow, you get to advance to the next stage.

The challenging part about Prune is that you'll have to take different things under consideration while cultivating your seedling - there are various suns which can accelerate or corrupt the growth of your tree, while other factors like wind conditions also play a part. 

You won't find any text, dialogue, high-scores or time limits within the title, and if you fail to beat a certain level too many times you will be provided with the option to skip it. Do not consider this as a design flaw, as Prune is specifically made to put you into a relaxed state of mind. 

Saying anything more about this jewel might hinder your overall experience, so we'll just let you discover the secrets of Prune on your own. If you're interested in grabbing the game for this reduced price, follow the links to the App Store and Google Play in the table above. Also, we recently published a selection of relaxing games for your phone and tablet, so make sure to check it out if you enjoyed playing Prune. 

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