Dead Trigger now free on iOS too

Dead Trigger now free on iOS too
This is certainly interesting; a couple of weeks ago Czech developer Madfinger Games took their zombie-apocalypse first person shooter Dead Trigger to a freemium model on Android, relying on in-game purchases rather than the initial sale to monetize their hard work. Which in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal, except that when they did it they also released a public statement that attacked Android as a platform and its users, claiming that despite the $0.99 price tag the piracy rate was “unbelievably high”.

Madfinger refused to release any actual numbers on the pirating rate, leading some to be suspicious of what caused the outburst; those suspicions certainly won’t be allayed today, as Madfinger Games quietly moved to make the iOS version free as well. In an article written for GameZebo, Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas did indicate that Apple’s mobile platform experiences pirating as well – he indicated that the rate of pirating they are seeing on iOS was almost exactly the same as the portion of iDevices that are jailbroken – a fact Rabas doesn’t feel is coincidental.

But outside of the article (which implored both Google and Apple to do more to protect developers - a stance we certainly endorse), there was none of the accusatory tone that was levied at Android and its users just a couple of weeks ago. Is that because the numbers are different? Alas, we don’t know as Madfinger hasn’t released any.

We may never fully understand the difference in Madfinger’s response, but the good news is that Dead Trigger is now free for both iOS and Android. And if you like first person shooters at all, you really should try it out; in our review we gave it very high marks, and noted that it was one of the best looking mobile games to date.

source: GameZebo via The Verge

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