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Data consumed through AT&T's MicroCell will count towards your allotment

Data consumed through AT&T's MicroCell will count towards your allotment
Despite having a cost in owning one, AT&T's MicroCell was naturally embraced with open arms by customers who could not get a decent reception around their location – even though it could be seen as a pricey venture. It's difficult to pin point who should have to pay when it comes to spotty service, but the MicroCell is an available solution for those who believe that paying more money will get them better service out of the network they're already dishing out money to. Now that AT&T has eliminated their unlimited data plan offerings, new customers signing on with a smartphone will have the unfortunate duty to know that your data usage while in range of the MicroCell will go towards your monthly data cap. Now it's interesting to point out that the MicroCell relies on your existing broadband connection to function properly – meaning that data used on your smartphone goes through the MicroCell which in turn routes that through your existing high speed home connection. And just to think of it more, you're probably paying a decent amount to get high speed internet through some kind of cable provider – which happens to be what the MicroCell relies on. Now that data usage will go against you when connected to their MicroCell, we'd probably suggest turning off that cellular connection on your phone and switching on Wi-Fi to connect to your hotspot at home to save on precious data usage.

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