Dashwire gets updated to 2.0

Dashwire gets updated to 2.0
If you're carrying a Windows Mobile device, you should probably be using Dashwire. It's a great program that allows two-way syncing of your phone's info with their web client, and best of all its completely free. Users can back up not only standards like contacts, email and pictures, but nearly everything on their phone from text messages to call logs to ringtones. It offers a Visual Voicemail service, and backs up most of your phone's settings. Users can even carry on SMS conversations, which run through the phone, via the web client. They can also have the device sync in real time or opt for manual syncs. It works on any Windows Mobile device -no matter if its 5, 6, 6.1, Standard or Professional-and since it's a web-based client, it works independently of your computer OS. In the near future, they plan to support S60 devices as well. We've been loving it since the beta, so head over and download their newly-released 2.0 client today.

source: Dashwire via Engadget Mobile



1. VZW Employee unregistered

WOW!!! That is really cool! I guess it's kind of like what Verizon offers the WirelessSync on some of their PDA's like the Windows based Treo, Motorola Q and the XV6800. I might try this on my T-Mobile Wing and see how it works. Since I am at work and probably can't access the Dashwire site does anyone know if there is a cost to download the software and if it cost anything to use it?

2. unregistered

its pretty much nothing like wireless sync. the article points out that its free, reading comprehension ftl!

3. unregistered

I am just not a big fan of Window's Mobile... But I am excited to see if this improves my opinion

4. WeakStuff unregistered

Thats gay...i tried it and my phone is not even listed (samsung i760). Does anyone know if it might still work without selecting the phone? I know it might be a dumb question but there might be a way around it.

5. Dashwire unregistered

Appreciate the coverage! Quickly, if your phone does have WM but its not listed, picking another phone will work for the time being. We're updating our phone lists soon, but for the moment you'll be totally fine.

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