Cyanogenmod 9 looks like it has an LTE quick toggle

Cyanogenmod 9 looks like it has an LTE quick toggle
We all know that Cyanogenmod and Team Douche love to add the bells and whistles to Android that we all want, but can't get from the stock version. In that way, Cyanogen can be considered the best custom UI of all, because it has access to all the hidden APIs and hooks. Because of this, the Cyanogenmod can add in quick links to the mobile data settings, screen orientation, and other settings that don't come standard in the Android power control widget. 

A screenshot from the new Cyanogenmod 9 ROM running on the Galaxy Nexus has shown that a quick toggle for LTE is also on the menu. Much like when 3G was first introduced, smartphone batteries and software still haven't caught up to the power requirements for LTE, so it tends to be a pretty big drain on user battery life. A quick toggle would be a big help in cutting down any background drain that LTE may cause. 

There are a couple widgets in the Android Market that offer this, but none have ever worked as well or been as seamless as the Cyanogen option, so we're definitely looking forward to this.

source: pocketnow


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