Customers who ordered the HTC Legend getting an early arrival?

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Customers who ordered the HTC Legend getting an early arrival?
A few days before the HTC Legend got unveiled during MWC, it was placed for purchase on the web site of the Dutch wireless carrier KPN. During that time, it was slated to be released some time during March – but there was no official word on an exact date. Now it looks like forum members on the Dutch web site that previously placed their orders for the Android powered smartphone are possibly getting treated to its arrival – it seems as though they're getting confirmation that it's scheduled for delivery today. That's extremely impressive when you consider that it was originally slated for release by the early portion of the second quarter – which obviously starts in April. These lucky individuals will really have something to look forward soon if everything goes accordingly to their advantage – it goes to show that these early adopters that were swift in ordering their phones are lucky to get a special surprise.

HTC Legend Specifications | Hands-on

source: Tweakers (translated) via Engadget


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