Customers of Three UK to get Galaxy Nexus free with two year contract

Customers of Three UK to get Galaxy Nexus free with two year contract
Specific pricing and availability of the Galaxy Nexus is now available for customers of Three UK. If you sign up for a 24 month contract at £34 a month you get the Galaxy Nexus free of charge. You can pre-order the phone now, with the first available delivery date set for this Friday.

It looks like Google and Samsung are going to be aggressive with the pricing of the Galaxy Nexus. This meshes well with the advertised retail pricing of $500 that Google listed for the Galaxy Nexus in the rules of their current contest to give away ten Galaxy Nexus handsets. It appears that Google hopes to sell quite a few of their new Google phones, perhaps with a renewed interest in pushing the Nexus brand into the minds of the mainstream consumer.

The pricing strategy is at odds with the rumored $299 on contract that Verizon is said to be charging, although Verizon generally adopts a standardized pricing strategy that is based more on the carrier’s interests then those of the handset manufacturers. $299 on contract has become the defacto price for LTE handsets on Verizon the last six months.

This may be good news for U.S. customers who aren’t on Verizon; you may be waiting a bit longer to get the Galaxy Nexus, but perhaps you'll be able to pick it up for a lot less money once it’s available.

source: Three Uk via Android Central

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