Cupcakes served as Android 1.5 arrives at T-Mobile UK today, USA next week?

Cupcakes served as Android 1.5 arrives at T-Mobile UK today, USA next week?T
After a few false starts, the Android 1.5 OS upgrade has finally made it to the 100,000 G1 owners in the U.K. using T-Mobile. Most of them will receive the cupcake upgrade automatically OTA. The G1 owners in the U.S. will get theirs by the end of next week. It will be sent OTA in a random order.

Among the new features is a camcorder that can be activated by touching a film icon in the bottom right corner. With the new video player, you can play back whatever you just recorded as well as uploading it directly to YouTube. Still photos can now be sent to the Google owned Picasa photo sharing web site and a caption can be added to the picture. We have all by now seen the leaked picture of the virtual keyboard for the upgrade. The QWERTY keyboard will work in conjunction with an overhauled texting platform with predictive text options.

The second Android handset, the HTC Magic, is available through Vodafone in some markets overseas and has the 1.5 upgrade on the phone right out of the box. The U.S. version of the handset is expected to be named My Touch 3G and will have the cupcake upgrade installed before being launched.

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source: T-Mobile, T3 via EngadgetMobile

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