Crossbows now being used to smuggle cell phones into prisons

Crossbows now being used to smuggle cell phones into prisons
At this point, it really doesn't surprise anyone when it comes to the crazy things that are used or done to smuggle cell phones into prisons. From pigeons to remote controlled helicopters, it seems like we've heard it all with the way inmates are trying to obtain a treasured cell phone that provides them an outlet to the outside world. Now one Scottish prison has uncovered yet another method people are using to smuggle cell phones and other contraband into a prison. Accomplices lurking in the outside walls of a prison are using crossbows to smuggle items by attaching a fishing line to crossbow bolts – which are then fired into an opening or cell window. Prisoners would then start reeling in the line and will find contraband attached to the other end. This is apparently a growing problem among the world's prison systems as criminals are always doing whatever they can in bringing in a mobile phone into a prison system to ultimately use them to conduct operations within the confines of their walls. Although the success rate of these shooters have not been determined, it still proves to be a trial and error process in getting loot into the prison as officials have seen a good amount of missed targets.

source: Daily Record via Textually

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