Cricket's Crosswave Mobile Hotspot shares 3G speeds via Wi-Fi for $149.99

Cricket's Crosswave Mobile Hotspot shares 3G speeds via Wi-Fi for $149.99
Although pre-orders for Cricket's Crosswave device have been available, the popular prepaid carrier officially announced the Mi-Fi like device today which is manufactured by Huawei.

The Crosswave, much like other competing Mi-Fi devices out there, enables users to simply share mobile broadband connections with other devices in close proximity to it via Wi-Fi. Cricket's EV-DO 3G network provides download speeds up to 1.4Mbps and will go on sale online and through retail locations starting October 15th. Pricing is set to $150 for the device, which doesn't require you to sign a contract, but service for it will run at $40 per month for 2.5GB of data, $50 for 5GB, and $60 for a 7.5GB allotment.

So if you've been happy with the service from Cricket so far and receive some fairly decent 3G speeds around your specific area, then you might want to check out the Crosswave and see how it can connect a variety of your devices to the internet without requiring you to be tethered to some lengthy terms.

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3. shayco

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I am currently employed by a company instructed to sell Cricket merchandise. I am commenting to inform you that the pricing on this page is incorrect. We now have True Rate Plans. They are priced as follows: $45 gets you 2.5GB, $55 gets you 5GB, and $65 get you 7.5GB. Thank you.

2. Lynn unregistered

After using the AT&T MiFi and having them try to iron-lock me into a 2 year contract, after less than a week of their crappy hardware, I went to Cricket Crossover (thankfully I had a 30 day trial of AT&T's crap so could return it without a problem). Not only is there no contractual obligation, but it is cheaper overall, even with the $60.00 7.5GB monthly allotment. The Crossover is also half the price of the MiFi. Even though I was getting full bars with AT&T MiFi, and it was only me using it, the Internet was slower than a fat kid trying to haul butt through molasses. No problem like that with the Crossover, and I'm sharing this one with someone else. Another thing that was horrible about the MiFi is, with it's 4 hour battery life, if you charged it and used it simultaneously and it got too hot, it booted you off the network with nary a warning. The Crossover lets you charge and use it excessively like a sugar-high child at a fair. You can also plug it into a USB port with no problem and use it on a desktop. This makes it way more optimal. In other words A++ Cricket, sorry you are getting drowned out by the overpriced and super crappy MiFi by AT&T.

1. XxVerbalxX unregistered

.....i wonder if no one here has Cricket or is just responding by being silent and listening for crickets.....

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