Cover Lock Screen promises to 'smart-up' your Android lock screen

Cover Lock Screen promises to 'smart-up' your Android lock screen
Have you ever dreamt that your smartphone would also come with a smart lock screen? One that would adapt to your place and time, and allow you to quickly access the apps that you access? The Cover Lock Screen beta is a neat Android app that does just that, and best of all - it learns over time.

What Cover Lock Screen does is basically give you a list of relevant apps that you can access straight from your lock screen, without needing to unlock the phone first. When we say that it learns from your behavior, we mean that the Cover Lock Screen app would check which apps you use most at say home, and would show you those exact apps. 

At work, in the car, or when you are out, Cover would show you a different set of applications on your lockscreen. Moreover, it would automatically detect where you are. Overall, there is a total of six apps displayed on the lockscreen, but you can swipe up to see more, and all the apps are arranged so that the most oft used ones appear first. A simple and neat solution. 

Right now, the app is free to get on the Google Play Store and - despite being a beta - it works fairly well. Hit the link below to try it out.

Developer: CoverDownload: Android
Category: Lock screenPrice: Free

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