Countdown to Nokia World 08

Countdown to Nokia World 08
We are hours away from the beginning of Nokia’s annual event. Of course we are talking of Nokia World 08. If you have recently checked Nokia’s official site then you might have seen the events page, which now introduces a large countdown timer, giving us the idea that we may witness something bigger and more significant. The leading manufacturer may just be preparing the official announcement of some new products. It could be the introduction of the E75, of which we wrote about last week, but we wouldn’t refuse some high-end touchscreen devices, following the 5800. Moreover, it is even possible for Nokia to jump right into the 8-megapixel cameraphone warfare, as the other big manufacturers have occupied this territory at the moment.

To be honest with you, we don’t have an idea what’s going to happen… And that’s why we’ll be there with our eyes wide opened, so stay tuned as we’re going to report everything interesting.

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1. unregistered

I'm just curious...if Nokia is #1 why do people always say LG is better or Motorola is better or Samsung? And I like Motorola and LG over Nokia in my opinion. I used to be a hard core Nokia guy but they seem to be lacking in features and the "wow factor" now days. Even JD Power says LG and Samsung etc are higher rated than Nokia. Am I missing something? And I don't want some slap in the face comment from some nerd who says "get your facts straight"! I want a decent educated answer.

4. unregistered

nokia got it all,i mean the spec, but only FEW of them are well developed. other brand got fewer spec, but ALL or maybe MOST of them are well developed.

6. unregistered

Nokia is the #1 phone seller in world markets, but not in the US-- specifically. Nokia used to be #1 in the US years ago. When cell phones were babies. then they largely got away from the US and left offerings in the US that were rather basic and not very good. but new management there is starting to change that and They want to grow the US market again. Now some of their cooler phones only in europe, are coming this way finally. I have owned nokias all my cell phone life and this last one, the 6263 was one of their best for what I need. but the 21 i had before it were.... just very very basic phones.

15. unregistered

really? LG? and motorola? those are the two worst ones out there everyone of their phones look the same

16. unregistered

omg no they dont

2. Nerd unregistered

get your facts straight! Nokia is #1

11. unregistered


3. Sashanice unregistered

NOKIA is #1

5. UnKoWn wArRrIeR unregistered

OMG hope it's an 8 megpixle touch screen phone anyone know where to get the new lg prada 2 phone

7. Blackberry dude unregistered

Look bro accept the fact that nokia is 1st in quality they are the best. Although just because they're number one doesn't mean they're better than blackberry "Sorry nokia" ur still number 1 though

8. unregistered

All LG and Samsung camera pohones are crap if you ever read any reviews..... They might have a high number in megapixel (8!!!) but the quality is crap and doesn't even match up to Nokia or Sony's 5 MPX

9. vzw fanman unregistered

how come verizon doesnt have many nokia phones jw?

10. Zook unregistered

The reason is because NOKIA dedicates their technology on GSM standards! Thats a fact NOKIA has always been making GSM style phones except couple basic models! CDMA is not very popular comparing to GSM standard.

18. vzw fanman unregistered

ohhh thanks for the info but why do verizon and sprint still use CDMA?

12. unregistered

please nokia give me a 5800 XpressMusic that'll work on T-mobile 3G!!

13. Armo unregistered

that would be cool! but i like the G1 more. my sisters boyfriend has a friend who works at t-mobile and said that theres a "damaged" G1 he has in the store and if i want it i can buy for 50 bucks free of contract. he said theres actually nothing wrong with it, just a scratch on the back. or he could give me a "damaged" behold for free again no contract and nothing wrong with it. but ya the 5800 is really cool and i wouldnt be surprised if it came to t-mobile. i really wanted the 5700 to come when it first came out. i'd take the T*Omnia over the 5800 anyday tho if it came to T-Mobile WITH 3G.

14. Armo unregistered

oh and does anyone know if the 5800 is still called the Tube?

17. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

im lookin foward to seeing some awesome phones that will come here to the states on att and tmobile.

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