Cosmolander takes you on an engaging journey across the Solar System

Human species' enfatuation with the stars and with exploration of the depths of space has a history dating back thousands of years. These days, you can go on a virtual trip around the solar system by simply using the device that's always in your pocket, your phone.

A new app Cosmolander is the latest and newest one to enter our collection of amazing space exploration apps out there. With a quiz-like approach to learning, it will check your knowledge about space, but also tell you the cool facts using simple analogies and with a nice cartoon graphics style.

Cosmolander will explain you about how far away other planets are from the Sun and our own Earth, it will tell you about their size, conditions and specifics. The app is great for those who want to refresh their knowledge about the Solar System, but also for kids who will definitely be pulled by the fun and engaging style of this application.

You can get Cosmolander for $3 on the iPhone and Android by following the links right below.


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