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Concept platform by Nokia to unify online services you use

Concept platform by Nokia to unify online services you use
People spend a lot of time online these days and use the Internet to socialize. The whole point to the new Linked UI platform is unification of all online services you use under a single, user-friendly interface. That´s just awesome! Frankly, we´ve been dreaming of something like this for quite some time and it seems that´s where some of the latest smartphones like the HTC Hero and Palm Pre are headed - by connecting your contacts to services offered by Google, Facebook and Flickr. Linked UI will try to get this not only further and take the implementation to an entirely new level. 

The platform includes HTML5, JavaScript and SQL components and the demo appearing in the video works on Nokia Maemo. The current version connects to Twitter, OviShare and several other services. Linked UI will first show you the things you´re interested in the most. Say, if you often browse pictures in your friend´s gallery, Linked UI will notice that and relative results will be shown first at your next search. Moreover, choosing anyone´s profile will let you see their recent actions relating to online services. Finally, the platform is designed in a such a way, that you won´t have to switch between different functions, meaning you will be able to do things like writing an SMS from within your browser. 

As a whole, we do find the whole idea appealing and parts of it have already showed up in latest Nokia services like Social Messaging and we hope unified interface like this becomes available in real life soon.  

source: Nokia Conversations

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