Computer Engineering student working on wireless video transmitter for smartphones

Computer Engineering student working on wireless video transmitter for smartphones
HDMI has been gaining popularity, ending up on the majority of high-end smartphones, and iOS devices like the iPad 2 also support the standard via a separate dongle, but while it makes mirroring your content to an HD TV easy, you still have to deal with cables. There should be a way to wirelessly transfer all that content, a computer engineering student thought and the idea for iCast, a wireless transmitter for smartphones, tablets and camcorders, was born.

iCast looks much like an external battery pack or a phone dock – you just insert your device in iCast and you can enjoy 1080p full HD mirroring, but the functionality is not limited to videos only – it just mirrors everything on your cell phone so you can use it as a game controller, watch pictures or browse the web. The gadget supports the iPhone and the iPad, but also a number of Android devices like the HTC EVO 4G, DROID X, Galaxy Tab slates, and even camcorders. iCast requires no Internet connection and your phone can be charged while content is being mirrored. Excited? The tool is coming just before the Holiday season, on December 5th for $149.99 and you can pre-order yours at the source link below.

source: iyuyo
Thanks, jorge colman!



11. adp unregistered

wait...nothing is mentioned what is needed on the TV end to receive the signal. It will need some sort of a receiver... it's not magic that video "casts" from the iPhone/iPad will be displayed on the TV.

10. donzere

Posts: 12; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

Does it work on non wireless tv if not then it is old news...

9. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

great! more people stuck to a television instead of walking outside...C'mon stop supporting lazy fat people.

8. vette21man

Posts: 351; Member since: Apr 06, 2011

Very cool, but gee whiz $150? I guess he's gotta pay for school somehow.

4. Laurynas unregistered

Good idea!

3. toottoot unregistered

icast? really? apple gonna sue...

5. Alex unregistered

Um, Apple can't sue just because someone puts an i in front of their product name. If they don't hold the copyright to the name they have no power at all. You cannot copyright just one letter because you place it all the time in front of your product name.

6. daniel_bargs

Posts: 325; Member since: Nov 27, 2010

apple lawyer

2. wassup

Posts: 565; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

Umm it already exists, its called DLNA, used by apps like Samsung's Allshare. but i'm not bashing, its a good idea, quick! Samsung and the others, patent DLNA before apple steals it!

7. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

Doesn't forget Wireless-USB Honestly, I'm glad to see non-corporate tinkering in this arena, but the story would have more punch if every mobile manufacturer and OS builder wasn't working on this and had not been for years...

1. Cool unregistered

Good for that engineering student, great idea.

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