Commercial featuring Iron Man 2 leaks the LG Ally

Commercial featuring Iron Man 2 leaks the LG Ally
It was only yesterday that we reported about the LG Aloha's name change to the LG Ally, now it seems quite evident that the Ally moniker is looking to stay put after an Iron Man 2 promotional video seemingly unveils the handset. After Iron Man swoops down and passes a group of people, these individuals are showing off the new LG Ally as Iron Man continues to fly around. The commercial does offer some insights to when this device is expected to launch – Iron Man 2 is set to be released on May 7th, so it could be possible for the LG Ally to be launched some time after. At the end of the video, there is a web site that's displayed which directs people to visit – surprisingly we're greeted to “Check back on April 30th for the complete LG Iron Man 2 experience.” The month of May is already here and we guess that they're probably putting the final touches to the site. Hopefully its specs will be revealed in its entirety – it's speculated to feature a 1GHz processor, but rumors hint to it being a 600MHz ARM11 CPU instead.

LG Ally VS740 Preliminary Specifications

source: YouTube via Android and Me

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