CoPilot Live for iPhone sees a major update that includes Facebook integration

CoPilot Live for iPhone sees a major update that includes Facebook integration
The latest update for CoPilot Live for the iPhone really paves the way for some decent features to make itself a contender in a space that's all too competitive since the advent of free turn-by-turn directions from Google and Nokia. To really set it apart from those free offerings, CoPilot Live for the iPhone now includes free local search, full map updates for the US & Canada, improved guidance with Lane Assist & ClearTurn for a more realistic display at complex intersections, Facebook status updates, and volume adjustments. The Facebook integration really does differentiate itself from some of its competitors as users are now able to update their location, destination, and now playing information directly from the CoPilot Live app. The twist and turns experienced while driving on a freeway can pose a threat in attempting to follow directions on other GPS applications, but CoPilot Live makes it simple to navigate through roads that are littered with obstacles that sometimes confuses drivers on which route to follow. So make sure to update the application so you can start experiencing all the decent dose of goodies that follows this worthwhile latest version.

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