Chrome apps for Android and iOS get closer with new developer tools

Chrome apps for Android and iOS get closer with new developer tools
Back in September, Google confirmed that it was planning to bring Chrome apps to mobile platforms. Early in December, Google said that we might see Chrome apps hitting Android and iOS as soon as January. Today, Google finally released the developer tools needed to make good on those promises, although with only a few days left in January, we're not sure it'll quite make it.

The toolchain that Google has released is an "early developer preview", but it should allow developers to easily port their Chrome apps to mobile by essentially wrapping the Chrome apps in a native shell wrapper using Apache Cordova. And, to make apps feel more native, Google has also ported certain Chrome APIs like push messaging, OAuth2 identification signin, storage access, and more. Not surprisingly, there are a couple extra APIs available for Android porting including rich notifications and in-app payments. 

Google's plan is to allow developers to release Chrome apps through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and have them run just like native apps. We don't have a lot of info on how it will all work, but we expect some cloud syncing to be involved since these are Chrome apps after all. 



1. Insignificant

Posts: 192; Member since: Sep 22, 2012

It seems Google has chosen android to eventually create a device you could plug in to a monitor to use like you would a desktop PC. A step, but surely Ubuntu will beat them to the punch? The winner is who gets there first and lets most amount of consumers know what it does for them. Finally a use for all that power, if only we had a word processor... Can't believe Ubuntu Edge wasn't created, Sony should buy them...

2. Ishmeet

Posts: 111; Member since: Sep 16, 2013

It would be a great move forward if Google manages to pull it off just right, And about the Ubuntu Edge, It was a great product with a lot of hype generated; but after some time, people lost interest in it and some probably forgot. They could have managed the high goal they set in the right amount of time if they released the details about the device slow enough, which would have kept the hype alive among the public till the end of its funding day. And as you said about sony buying them, I would prefer to keep my bet onto Fujitsu. Fujitsu technologies, Japan, Have been known to produce some of the best hardware and can make the best out of Ubuntu mobile OS. Just look at the work of Fujitsu once, Oppo's N1 rotating camera, first ever fingerprint sensor embedded into screen itself, batteries that charge in 10 mins and last a day. It's such a pity they don't launch their products outside Japan, otherwise, we would see some of the best tech ever developed for mobiles.

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