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Check out this smoking hot Galaxy Note 7 Halloween costume

The Galaxy Note 7 recall has been a disaster of a massive scale for Samsung: the phone with the exploding battery was first recalled, then Samsung re-released it only to find the new units also suffering from the same battery explosions. The Galaxy Note 7 is now banned on flights and Samsung seems to have finally given up on the high-profile phablet.

These days, when you see a person using a Galaxy Note 7 on a flight, you'd just think that they are an asshole for using the phone at the very least and that they put themselves and others in danger at the very worst. A custom mod for the popular game Grand Theft Auto even made fun of the phone by using it as a hand grenade that you can use as a weapon.

So what do you do when you see a person wearing not just one Galaxy Note 7, but a full vest of Galaxy Note 7 boxes? Our suggestions is to run, unless you realize it's about time for Halloween costumes and this is one humorous idea that might also scare a ton of people. Especially when you see smoke coming out of those Note 7 boxes.

Props to Chris Kelley for his fun idea and here's how his Halloween costume looks like in all its glory.

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