Check out the winners in the 2023 Apple Design Awards

Check out the winners in the 2023 Apple Design Awards
Apple’s long-awaited Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) already brought some exciting news such as the announcement of the Vision Pro – the new "spatial computer" by Apple.

Along with all the new features, updates, and devices presented, Apple also announced the winners of the 2023 Apple Design Awards. The awards are divided into 6 categories and they go as follows: Inclusivity, Delight and Fun, Interaction, Social Impact, Visuals and Graphics, and Innovation. 36 apps and games were nominated, and 12 of them won best in class: an app and a game for each category.

The first category is called Inclusivity and honors apps and games that go above and beyond to include and support people with different abilities, languages, and backgrounds. The winning app in this category is the Universe Website Builder.

Universe is a website builder which lets you easily create a new shop or a blog. The app is chosen for its Dynamic Type and Voice Over features, which make it more accessible for everyone. Along with the Universe app, Apple chose to award the game stitch. in the Inclusivity category.

Stitch. is an Apple Arcade game. It is a puzzle game with embroidery on a numbered grid. The game is chosen because of its accessibility features which users can turn on from their iOS/iPadOS settings and manage through the game menu. These features make it possible for people with color blindness, low vision, and motion sensitivities to play the game.

The second category in the Apple Awards is called Delight and Fun, and I think the name suggests itself what the main focus is. In this category, the winning app is Duolingo.

This education app is quite famous all over the world for allowing users to learn more than 40 languages on their smartphones. Some of the reasons Duolingo is chosen are the in-app characters and the way the app uses different games to teach users languages and keep them engaged.

The winning game in the Delight and Fun category is Afterplace – an open-world adventure game. The game is selected for its funny characters, vintage looks, and easy-to-use control system. It actually looks perfect for all users out there who are feeling a bit nostalgic for the old-school games.

The third category is all about intuitive interfaces and easy controls and it's called Interaction. Nowadays with all the apps and games you can choose from, the easiest the interaction within them, the better. If you find it hard to work with an app, you would probably not use it, right?

The winning app is Flighty and it is chosen for its “beautifully designed app experience.” The app is sort of a live flight tracker, which provides information about flight maps, airport schedules, alerts for delays, and pretty much anything that may interest a passenger by using Apple technologies like Siri Shortcuts, Apple Maps, Live Activities, etc.

Next to Flighty in the Interaction category comes the Railbound game. Railbound is a puzzle game with 200+ of them to complete, and apparently, it won not only because of how easy it is to play, but also because of its “pristine animation and colorful visuals.”

The 4th category is Social Impact and I think there is no need for much explanation here. The focus in this category is on apps and games that change or improve users’ lives in some way. Headspace wins the prize for best app here.

Headspace is an app for sleep and relaxation chosen mainly for its purpose of bringing mindfulness to the masses. The app integrates with Apple Watch, which is also why it’s being awarded. Headspace has a simple design and a diverse catalog of guides, sounds, and different daily meditations.

The game Endling wins in the Social Impact category. It is built around the theme of climate change and environmental disasters. Endling is chosen for its goal to build empathy and connection to the lead character, which is a mother fox trying to keep its little cubs alive.

There cannot be Apple Awards for apps and games without a Visuals and Graphics category. The winners and finalists in this category all excel in “stunning imagery, skillfully drawn interfaces and high-quality animations.” The winning app here is Any Distance.

Any Distance is a workout tracker and sort of a social media platform. The app integrates with Live Activities and Apple Watch in order to collect more precise data about workouts and distances the user walked or ran. Any Distance can also track wheelchair exercises, but it mainly won because of its stand-out design.

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The winning game in this category is Resident Evil Village, which is chosen because of its visual details. The game is powered by Apple silicon, ProMotion, Metal 3.

The last Apple Awards 2023 category is Innovation. It focuses on the usage of Apple technologies for providing a better user experience. The winning app here is SwingVision: A.I. Tennis.

SwingVision: A.I. Tennis uses AI and Neural Engine to give users a better experience while playing or learning how to play tennis. The app also uses video tracking to “ brilliantly evaluate form, highlight strengths, and suggest areas of improvement” and Apple Watch to collect data related to users' health and workouts.

The last winner is the game MARVEL SNAP – a card game with innovative mechanics that apparently won Apple's attention.

You can find out the list of all nominees at the official Apple site.

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