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Camera Comparison
As loyal readers surely know, here at PhoneArena we deliver much more than just the latest smartphone news. Our database of phone and tablet specs is one of the most extensive out there, and our reviews section contains in-depth information about any popular handset announced over the recent years. Then come the handy extras we offer on our page, including our Phone Finder and Visual Phone Size Comparison tool. And today, PhoneArena got even better.

We're happy to announce our Camera Comparison tool, which, as the name implies, is used to compare the cameras of two or more smartphones and/or tablets. But no, we aren't talking about simply listing the specs of two devices' cameras side by side. Instead, we present you with several images taken under the exact same conditions (with all camera settings set to automatic).

The first photo is a collage that is ideal for comparing the color representation of a set of cameras. The second one, known as the ISO chart, serves well for comparing detail representation. At any given time, you may pan left or right, up or down, to get a close-up of another area of the image. Since the crops presented are zoomed at their full size, you can easily inspect the levels of digital noise introduced by each camera.

So go ahead, give our new Camera Comparison tool a try and let us know what you think about it. Note that the database of smartphones and tablets available isn't as extensive as we wish it was, but we'll be adding more devices over time. 

Check out our Camera Comparison Tool here

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