Charge your cellphone with the Wrist Band Portable Battery

Charge your cellphone with the Wrist Band Portable Battery
We've all had situations where our cellphone battery has died on us just when we needed power the most. Some solutions are not always practical, like carrying around another charged battery wherever we go. Some of us will plug in our car charger and drive around and around with no destination in mind, just to charge up our device. What a waste of gas! Now comes a new solution that combines practicality with function. The "Wrist Band Portable Battery" is a wrist band loaded with a lithium-ion battery that comes with 7 different adapters. The wrist band has a set of LED lights that tell us how much life the battery has remaining. The charger will set you back about $25 and will hook you up for approximately five hours. We know many people who are so obsessed with their cellphone that they always have it with them. Now that you can charge your device on your wrist, it brings a new meaning to being attached to your phone. Planning on picking one up?

source: Engadget

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