Cellular South rebrands as C Spire Personalized Wireless come Sept 26th

Cellular South rebrands as C Spire Personalized Wireless come Sept 26th
A couple of days ago, we brought you the news about a new wireless carrier appearing in the States on September 26th and we guessed it has something to do with regional carrier Cellular South. It appears there’s more than just something, it's Cellular South rebranded as C Spire Personalized Wireless.

The new carrier aims to take a fresh start by rebranding the service and shifting the focus on its customer relations and offered plans. It also aims to be the first to offer personalized service that will deliver different app and content recommendations to different users.

C Spire will also bring perks to its most active members with even those posting on social outlets getting some kinds of incentives. To make the carrier truly democratic, C Spire is aiming to setup numerous forums where it listens and accounts for what users want and need. Call us skeptics, but we doubt the actual execution of the latter.

More interestingly, the carrier wants to provide a converged solution for controlling multiple devices including not just the smartphone but DVRs and even refrigerators and other household appliances in the future. That’s a quick outline of what you can expect, but don’t get your hopes too high - Cellular South currently ranks 9th among US carriers with 887,000 subscribers. It’s active in Mississipi, Alabama, Tennessee and in parts of Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana.

source: C Spire via SlashGear

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